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Novel Scenes

Novel Scenes

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Novel Scenes is a four-book series where each book tells the story of a single character in a situation where events unfold chapter by chapter. Chapters include exercises that build comprehension, vocabulary, speaking, and listening skills. Themes include work, family, money, housing, and more.

  • City Dreams - Introductory Level
    Joe decides to move to New York City to live and work. He moves into a tiny apartment with his brother and then the fun begins. (96 pages)

  • In A Tight Spot - Low-Beginning Level
    Min-Jee finds a job, and then discovers that her co-worker is breaking the rules. What should she do?(96 pages)

  • Holding the Bag - High-Beginning Level
    Negasi is a taxi driver from Ethiopia who has been in the U.S. for many years and has a family. He accidentally becomes involved in a robbery and faces a moral issue.(96 pages)

  • Rooms with a View - Low-Intermediate Level
    Amelia needs a job. She accepts one she doesn't want, but does it so well that she is offered a position perfectly aligned to her skills and interests.(96 pages)

Teacher Guide that accompanies each book includes an audio CD. Recordings of the stories, dialogs, and listening exercises facilitate fluency, listening, and pronunciation practice. The Teacher's Guide itself offers teaching suggestions and an answer key

*Set includes 5 copies of each student book and 1 Teacher’s Guide

Now available in e-book format for $4.99 per book. The e-book is text only, exercises are not included. If you'd like to order or receive more information, please call Customer Service at 800-448-8878.

Product Item # 1-4
Novel Scenes - City Dreams Introductory SB 2538 $12.25 $9.80
City Dreams Introductory Teacher Guide with Audio CD 2540 $20.00 $20.00
Novel Scenes - In A Tight Spot Low Beginning SB 2541 $12.25 $9.80
In A Tight Spot Low Beginning Teacher Guide with Audio CD 2543 $20.00 $20.00
Novel Scenes - Holding the Bag High Beginning SB 2544 $12.25 $9.80
Holding the Bag High Beginning Teacher Guide with Audio CD 2546 $20.00 $20.00
Novel Scenes - Rooms With A View Low Intermediate SB 2547 $12.25 $9.80
Rooms With A View Low Intermediate Teacher Guide with Audio CD 2549 $20.00 $20.00
Novel Scenes Classroom Set (5 each student book and 1 each teacher guide) NSCS $245.00 $245.00

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