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Pre GED Skill Workbooks

Reading Levels 6-8

Seven unique workbooks help students make a smooth and successful transition from Pre-GED to GED-level work. In each 64-page book, hundreds of practice questions allow students to inventory their skills, learn and practice skills that need work, and apply skills to GED-type questions.

Economical Approach to Pre-GED learning:

  • $42.95 for a 10-pack

  • Only $4.29 per book

Workbooks build basic skills with an easy-to-use format. Each book:

  • Begins with a Skills Inventory that students can use to assess their skills
  • Uses 2-page lesson format for basic skills review and practice
  • Provides cumulative reviews to determine mastery of basic skills
  • Culminates with a GED-style posttest to determine readiness for GED-level work.

Workbooks introduce GED higher-level thinking skills at the Pre-GED level. Each book:

  • Teaches thinking, writing, math problem solving, or graphic literacy skills
  • Uses graphic organizers to help students master the thinking skills used on the GED

Seven Workbooks cover Pre-GED curriculum:

  • Reading: Comprehension and Critical Thinking

  • Writing 1: Grammar, Spelling, and Writing Basics

  • Writing 2: Sentence Structure, Organization, and Essays

  • Mathematics 1: Number Sense, Whole Numbers, and Decimals

  • Mathematics 2: Fractions, Percents, and Data Analysis

  • Social Studies: Critical Thinking and Graphic Literacy

  • Science: Critical Thinking and Graphic Literacy

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