About Us

New Readers Press is the publishing division of ProLiteracy – the world's largest member organization of adult literacy programs. For over 50 years, we have been providing educators with instructional tools to help adult learners build the skills needed to succeed in the world today. Proceeds from our product sales support the mission of ProLiteracy, to change lives and communities through the power of adult literacy.

Whether your students are new to the U.S., working toward a high school equivalency degree or a job, or need to learn basic math and reading skills, we have the resources to help them achieve their goals.We base our materials on sound instructional methodologies and best practices.In addition, New Readers Press often solicits feedback from educators during the development process. If you are interested in reviewing new instructional materials, please send an email to nrp@proliteracy.org and include your résumé and subject area expertise.

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ProLiteracy members benefit from access to professional development opportunities, exclusive resources, instructional tools, and a collaborative and dedicated professional community. Organizational members also receive additional discounts on New Readers Press proprietary products. Sign up to become a member today at ProLiteracy Membership.