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Math Sense Book 2: Focus on Problem Solving

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Math Sense provides instruction and practice for the range of math skills that adults need to succeed in life, at work, and on high school equivalency tests.

The second book, Focus on Problem Solving, introduces the basics of both algebra and geometry and then connects the two. Each unit is organized around four key lesson strands that cover a variety of instructional approaches:
  • Skills pages present instruction and practice with both computation and word problems.
  • Tools pages provide insight on how to use calculators, key ideas, and mathematical properties to solve math problems.
  • Problem Solver pages present strategies that will help find the best way to approach different types of problems.
  • Test Taker pages provide math tips and strategies for high school equivalency tests.

Core Connections throughout each unit foster critical thinking and connect math concepts to real life, core standards, and other math ideas.

There is a skills preview, glossary of math terms, tool kits, and hundreds of practice questions in a variety of question types. A half-length GED simulated test can be found at the end of the book.

Find a simulated HiSET test, correlations, and more by scrolling down and clicking on Free Resources or Correlations on the left.

Reading Level 9.0+
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