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What's Next? Classroom Set

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The classroom set offers (5) of each student book in the 2-level What's Next? series. 
  • A multilevel phonics approach for ESL students 
  • Research-based, phonemic awareness listening practice sets this multilevel series apart from other English language learning products. 
  • Each lesson introduces target vowel and consonant sounds, blends, endings, and 10 sight words. Learners first focus on the story as a whole, then work on the phonics and sight words, and finally return to the whole story again to access comprehension and learning. 
  • Students practice beginning and ending consonant sounds, complete cloze sentence exercises, and learn new word families. 
To download audio, correlations or the scope and sequence, click the Free Resources tab. 

ELL Levels: Introductory-Low Beginning 
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